domingo, 5 de noviembre de 2017

31 October - 2 November
                                                     Song: Puebla Mundial - Trinity

VIDEO 8: Estamos de FIESTA con Jesus!
28 - 30 October

Last class of Spanish!
Another impression of the gypsies quarter.
Song: Fiesta con Jesus - Trinity

jueves, 2 de noviembre de 2017

A week full of joy

We went to play with the kids of Montenegro again. This time Lotte had prepared an estafette race for them. Two teams competed in a race of running, hopping in a sack, carrying a cup of water to fill the bottle, running 10 rounds around the pole and run back as quick as possible. A game for all ages (though some of the girls stopped after one round). After the game there was some time of jumping ropes, a lot of hugs and lifting the children up. So much love!

In the afternoon the kids that live in the area of Cosario came to our place to study and play. Most of the times we craft something with them, this time for example we made owls out of toilet rolls. But this time the sisters had also brought the children of Montenegro to our house. Many children and a lot of fun. At the end the three of us had a moment to talk a bit more with the older girls, while the sisters watched over the boys and little ones. It was good to talk with them about what we do here and to have a more quiet and serious moment with them. They asked us questions (from ‘what do you study?’ to ‘What is the name of your best friend’ 😊).

This evening we had the opportunity to organise a meeting and Taizé prayer in Almeria. I was really happy to see that friends came and also invited others. First we shared what Taizé is and talked about our activities here. Thereafter we had the Taizé prayer around the cross. It was a very beautiful, joyful and at the same time intime moment with God. The spirit of Taizé here in Almeria. After the last song (or one more, and one more 😉) there was the possibility to talk with everyone during a small dinner and it was great to talk with friends and meet new people.

Saterday ~Justyna’s birthday!~
To celebrate her birthday we went to prison :p We had breakfast in the prison before the Saturday mass. Everytime we look forward to going to the prison and the mass was again beautiful. This mass we sang more Taizé songs, and there was such a peace during the mass. But most of the man in the choir love flamenco better and after the mass, when everyone else was gone, the church was filled with flamenco music and dancing. We have come to love these people and it is always such a joy to sing with them. To see the smiles on their faces when they greet us or each other.

During this last Sunday Justyne and I gave a testimony of our experiences here in the parish of Antonio in Vicar and Lotte went to the parish of Manolo in Roquettas to give a testimony. We showed a short film of different activities we have done and shared what this month has brought us.
In the afternoon we had a party with Nico (one of the youth in Antonio’s parish and a good friend who often comes to our Taizé prayers and with whom we after our night prayer sometimes had great fun until late in the night). We ate together in a building next to the greenhouses of his family. He showed us the different greenhouses where he and his family work and afterwards we had a cake to celebrate Justyne’s birthday.

In the evening we held a party in our place for all the people of ‘our Spanish family’, to thank them for everything. It was a wonderful and emotional evening. We started with a prayer together in the chapel. Afterwards we had a dinner. (It took us some efford to prepare something like that Saturday in our little kitchen for 15 people, but it was totally worth it.). We shared stories and learned real Burkina Faso dancing from Jonas 😊. 

And then it was time to say everyone goodbye. Play a last time with the children, visit the prison a last time, give testimonies in the parishes of Manolo and Antonio.
Yesterday Lotte and Justyna went back home and tomorrow morning I will also go. 
It was an amazing experience and we feel so happy to have lived this community!


VIDEO 9: UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN! 31 October - 2 November                                                                                    ...