Who are we?

Who we are

Let’s present ourselves a little bit, before sharing our stories and daily life of this great experience. It is a real blessing for us to be here, in the small community inspired by Taize.

Hello, I’m Irma from the Netherlands. In July I graduated for the master Plant Sciences. I love drawing and music. Past six years I really got to know God better and I have a passion for prayer and sharing the blessings and joy that God gives me with others. I have been at Taizé twice. When I was at Taizé this summer I heard about the small temporary community, I immediately loved the idea. I love to go somewhere, where I can be of use and love to learn from other cultures. And now I’m here (speaking little spanish), I learn a lot from the people here and I am very, very grateful that they host us and for everything they do for us.

Hola todos ! Me llamo Justyna, y soy de Francia. I discovered Taize 11 years ago, and came back every year, with friends or alone, for a silence retreat. It became for me a space of breathing in the life, which sometimes can be really busy. I experienced here a deep peace of heart - the spirit of the prayers making me easily enter in an inner silence. I enjoy a lot the simplicity of the lifestyle and of the relations with people from all over the world. No matter from where you are, no matter how is your faith, here everybody is welcomed, and we can feel this fraternity. In this spirit, I wanted to join a small provisory community. This project is a way of sharing the Taize experience and spirit. Now on a break in my internship of medicine, I had the desire to experience a community lifestyle for a longer time, with a rhythm of prayer. I also and mainly wanted to take time being closer and to serve people who are in need, in the simple way of fraternity, sharing the joy of meeting, trying to go deeper  in our humanity revealed in Christ in every days life… Besides, I like singing much, and playing the violin. Also travelling and discovering other cultures and lifestyles, so that this project takes place in Spain is a real gift!

Hi, welcome to our blog!  My name is Lotte I´m from the Netherlands. This summer I finished my Bachelor degree in History. At the moment I´m taking a year out to discover what other interesting experiences the world has to offer. Before coming to Almeria I´ve walked the Camino Frances from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Fisterra a trip of 36 days on which I got to meet wonderful people and learned how little we need to live a good, satisfying and happy life. This year     I´m searching for experiences that ´itch´, which are confronting in a way and a little outside of my comfort-zone and therefore the more enriching. For example singing is not something I do often or enjoy a lot, imagine  singing three Taizé prayers a day for a month. Though here I am for I believe it will teach me to take  breaks to reflect and consciously spent more time with God. The past two summers I´ve visited Taizé and enjoyed the internationality a lot and experienced you can share faith regardless of your origin through prayer. By joining the small temporary community I´m able to give time to others, which I believe is very important and something I should have done more while studying, therefore I´m very excited about this project! Also about the fact we are able to take part in the local community and thereby get to know the Spanish everyday life. 

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