sábado, 21 de octubre de 2017

Second week activities

On Wednesday it rained really hard and there was even hail for a moment. This is the first time since we are here that it rains. Unfortunately some things on our program got cancelled because of the rain. But the good news is, we had time to write.

Celebration Carmen

Saturday 14 October we had a big celebration: Carmen has been a sister of Carmelites for 50 years! It was amazing to hear her testimony during the evening mass and speeches from Mila and others. After the mass we celebrated with a party. Many people stayed and everyone had brought something to eat to the parish.
The next day we went with Carmen and Mila to the beach to a meeting of Catolic Accion. These are people of the parish that pray for the parish and meet together and do activities. After a good lunch and a nice swim we sat together with everyone and shared our thoughts about Carmen´s 50 years as a Carmelite sister. What it is like to live a life devoted to God, the beauty and the difficulties. It was very impressive for me to think about this and it makes me very eager to live my daily life for God. I am very grateful to be here and that day I felt again that even though we see people maybe for the first or second time, it feels like we are part of this community. 

Presenting at schools

This week is a special week dedicated to missionary work. Because of this, we had the opportunity to present Taizé and this project in Vicar to different classes of a bilingual school in Almeria, Colegio Privado Compañía de María, on Monday and Tuesday. Antonio talked about his time in Nicaragua and Carmen about her time in different African countries. 
In these two days we´ve presented to so many classes from different ages. We sang songs together with 3-5 year old kids, presented our story to teenagers from 11 to 16 year old. It was nice to share with them and I loved it when the kids were enthusiastic and asked us a lot of questions. Sometimes you could just see from their faces how amazed they were that there is this poverty in the area.

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