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Taizé Prayer

The 27th of October we are organizing a larger Taizé prayer in Almeria, so that the youth can experience something of Taizé. And October 31 we organise a similar Taizé prayer for the youth of Vicar at our home. I’m looking forward to it and curious how it will turn out.

Yesterday we went to Almeria to meet Juanmi and Presen that went to Taizé last summer with Antonio and Manolo. It was nice to meet each other, they showed us around Almeria for a bit and we talked about our experiences of Taizé. 

Since we organise Taizé prayers two times a day, you might be interested in what that looks like.  Here is a prayer I prepared for this night.

Song: Veni spirito creatore

Psalm 42 in Spanish

Song Nothing can ever

Romans 8:38-39 in Spanish and English


Litany of praise (in Spanish):
Jesus, gentle and humble of heart, you visit every human being to reveal the Father’s love.
Jesus, goodness without end, you liberate captives, you pardon our sins.
Jesus, our rest and our refuge, your yoke is easy and your burden light.
Jesus, sent by the Father, you heal our blindness.
Jesus, living bread, you nourish our hearts by your words.
Jesus, you came to light a fire on the earth.
Jesus, risen from the dead, you share wit hus your joy.
Jesus, you are the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Padre Nuestro (Our Father)

Song: Jubelt und freut euch

Prayer (in Spanish):
Bless us, Christ; keep us in the spirit of the Beatitudes: joy, spimlicity, mercy.

Song: Jesus le Crist

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